Pregnancy : Visiting a Dentist

Visit Dentist during Pregnancy Johor Bahru

Dental concerns during Pregnancy First of all, congratulations on your new adventure into Motherhood. One of the most popular question  during pregnancy is whether it is safe to visit dentist? The reason why many people are concerned about safety of dental treatment during pregnancy has to do with the outdated thinking. In the past, public,

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Dental Emergency: What to do

Wisdom tooth JB

5 Most Common Dental Emergencies Have you ever encounter a severe toothache or other dental problem during midnight, holiday or weekend? It is important to understand the differences between common dental problem and real dental emergency that could threaten your health and cost you irreversible damage. Let’s talk about types of dental emergency. Toothache Many

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Flossing Johor Bahru

How to Floss Why do I need to floss if brushed twice daily? In Malaysia, study has shown that only about 10% of the population floss daily. Brushing alone is not effective to remove all dental plaque especially at interdental spaces between teeth. You are at risk to miss up to 40% of tooth surfaces

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Water Flosser

Waterpik Water flosser Johor Bahru

What is water flosser Brushing your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste is a good start. But it may be not enough to clean the plaque or food stuck in between the teeth. Therefore, dentists recommend interdental cleaning such as flossing. However, flossing can be difficult to master for beginners and braces patient. Good news! Have

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Tooth Sensitivity

Gum Recession Johor Bahru

Tooth Sensitivity Tooth sensitivity (or more precisely dentinal hypersensitivity) is one of the most common dental concern reported among patients. A study on Oral Care Usage and Attitudes conducted by global market research company reveals that one in three adults in Malaysia has sensitive teeth. The pain characteristic is short sharp pain in response to

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Gum Disease

periodontal johor bahru

What is Gum Disease? Do you know that at least half of the Malaysian population is suffering from gum disease? The cause of gum disease is the bacterial biofilm in the yellowish, sticky plaque that form along the gum line. Meanwhile, other factors can influence its progression to more severe form. At this time, gum

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Braces Johor Bahru

10 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Braces We are a professional dental clinic in Johor Bahru that provide braces and clear aligner treatment. Getting braces maybe an important and life changing decision for you.  Straight teeth improves your appearance and boosts confidence. But before that, you might have a lot of burning questions

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What Invisalign can do

Invisalign spacing Johor bahru

What Invisalign can do? Can Invisalign clear aligner treat your teeth condition? Invisalign has come a long way from treating minor malocclusion since 1997 to improving 9 millions smile till dated. Is Invisalign right for you? Check out what are the conditions that are treatable by Invisalign clear aligner. Spacing or Gap Crowding Open Bite

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Veneer Johor Bahru

What is Veneer Veneers are thin tooth colored shells that fit on the facial surface of chipped or stained tooth to improve their appearance. Sometimes they are also referred as dental laminates. In general, there are few types of veneer depending on the materials used. For example porcelain veneers and composite veneers. Our dentists will discuss the

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