What Invisalign can do

What Invisalign can do?

Can Invisalign clear aligner treat your teeth condition? Invisalign has come a long way from treating minor malocclusion since 1997 to improving 9 millions smile till dated. Is Invisalign right for you? Check out what are the conditions that are treatable by Invisalign clear aligner.

Invisalign spacing Johor bahru
Spacing or Gap
Invisalign Crowding
Invisalign Open bite
Open Bite
Invisalign Overbite Johor bahru
Deep Bite
Invisalign Crossbite Johor bahru
Invisalign Underbite Johor bahru
Invisalign Overbite Johor bahru
Protruded teeth
Invisalign Relapse Johor bahru
Malaligned teeth
Invisalign spacing Johor bahru
Invisalign Early Intervention Johor bahru
Early Intervention (kid)

Limitations of Invisalign

Nowadays, Invisalign can treat most of the malocclusion thanks to the technology and advance SmartTrack material. However, there are some complex cases where Invisalign may not work as effective as braces. 


  • Impacted tooth
  • Severe rotation or crowding
  • Poor compliance
  • Short tooth

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