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Gum Recession Johor Bahru

牙齿过敏(又称牙本质过敏) 是其中一个最常见的牙科问题。调查显示,在我国每三个大马人就有一个又牙齿过敏的问题。牙齿过敏的症状是对冷热,化学物质,风和摩擦的刺激而产生的酸痛感觉。,一般是短暂持续的,当刺激去除后,这种酸痛感就会消失。

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10 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Braces We are a professional dental clinic in Johor Bahru that provide braces and clear aligner treatment.     Getting braces maybe an important and life changing decision for you.  Straight teeth improves your appearance and boosts confidence. But before that, you might have a lot of …

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Veneer Johor Bahru

What is Veneer Veneers are thin tooth colored shells that fit on the facial surface of chipped or stained tooth to improve their appearance. Sometimes they are also referred as dental laminates. In general, there are few types of veneer depending on the materials used. For example porcelain veneers and composite veneers. Our dentists will discuss the …

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Dental Implant JB

What is dental implant? We all know it is the best to retain our natural teeth. However, it is not always possible due to various reasons.   If you unfortunately suffer from missing teeth, dental implant is perhaps the closest replacement to restore your smile, function and speech. It has gained increasing popularity in recent …

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dental x-ray

为什么需要牙科X光?在The Smile Dental Lounge,我们的牙医使用牙科X光(也称为X射线)来帮助诊断在常规口腔检查中看不见的蛀牙和疾病。 是否需要X光取决于各个因素,例如口腔健康,年龄,疾病风险以及症状。

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