Visiting the Dentist | Babaiola Preschool | Johor Bahru

Visiting The Dentist | Babaiola Preschool | Johor Bahru

We are thrilled to welcome a group of children from Babaiola Preschool, Johor Bahru and pleasantly surprised by their good manners and proactive personalities.
In this field trip to dentist, they learned the correct tooth brushing technique and importance of oral health to general well-being. A few children volunteered themselves to demonstrate their brushing methods. Inspired by Reggio Emilia method, Babaiola preschool is geared towards student-directed learning and play. This activity is in line with their learning theme of “Know My Body Parts” and aims to foster what they have learned in classroom about the teeth and oral health. 
In this dental visit, all of them have sat on dental chair and completed oral screening by our dentists without a glitch. Their courage have earned them the Certificate of Bravery and goodies bags sponsored by Buds Organics. Thanks everyone! Well done!

Importance for child to visit dentist

  • Reduce dental  anxiety and create familiarity with dental care
  • Prevention of tooth decay
  • Develop good oral health habits
  • Parental support and education

Read more about child’s first dental visit here.


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