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We are moving into digital dentistry! It is our utmost priority to keep up with technology and use latest equipment to ensure you receive the accurate and comfortable treatment available. Bid farewell to the discomfort and gagging when taking teeth mould or traditional impression. Introducing our new 3D intraoral scanner – iTero Element 2 by Align Inc

What is iTero intraoral scanner

The iTero intraoral scanner is a compact and hand-held wand connected to the touchscreen. Our dentists can use this to captures the teeth and gum using the latest 3D optical technology. It doesn’t emit radiation and can render a digitally perfect 3D impression of your teeth within minutes.

Unlike traditional impression which has to be repeated all over again if something goes wrong, the iTero scanner can automatically overlap the problematic area by scanning over. Thus, saving time and material. 

Through the touchscreen, patient will be able to follow the progress of the intraoral scan. Upon completion, dentist can rotate, navigate, zoom in and out the 3D teeth model to show to patient. 

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✅ Invisalign digital impression
✅ Invisalign Outcome Simulator
✅ Crown, bridge, veneers
✅ Dental Implants
✅ Invisalign Progress Assessment
✅ Time lapse (Comparing progress of tooth wear, gum recession)


The accuracy of iTero scan is superior to traditional impression. It is proven to allow better fit of your Invisalign Clear Aligner and making them more comfortable and track better.


With 3D scanning technology, the appointment time can be shortened. The 3D teeth model can be recorded in minutes and no repeat required. After that, the digital impression can be sent immediate to Invisalign to make your clear aligner or to our partner dental lab to make your crown, bridge, implant or veneers.

Outcome Simulator

Wonder how your teeth will look like after braces or Invisalign? Guess no more. iTero can simulate the final result using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The powerful software can even virtually remove teeth to compare treatment outcome of extraction versus non extraction approach. Schedule an appointment for free iTero scan worth RM300 with us today. T&C applied.

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