Tips to save money at the dentist

Save money at dentist

Visit your dentist regularly

Regular visit to the dentist can reduce your dental spending. Have your teeth professionally cleaned every six months (or at least once a year) to catch early problems while they are still cheap and easy to fix. Do not wait until catastrophic failure.  Planning to skip your scaling visit?  Think again.

Brush and floss daily

It is a no-brainer that optimum oral hygiene can save you from dental issues and hefty bills. Brush twice a day and floss at night; replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months; and reduce sugary foods and drinks. All these good habits can save you a ton of cash. The money saved can be spent for a dream vacation, instead of paying for your dentist to take his dream vacation. 

Discuss with your dentist

If you have a long list of dental problems, try to discuss with your dentist which procedures are more urgent to fix. Sometimes, there is a temporary option available to buy more time. For example, a pulpectomy to alleviate the pain first, rather than extracting the tooth and ended up spending more for implant/bridge.

Dental work is NOT all the same

It might be tempted to go for the cheapest clinic. But remember, doing the job right the first time get the job DONE (quality dentist); doing the job wrong fourteen times give you JOB SECURITY (“cheap” dentist). Unfortunately, bad dental work can look horrible and may even cause pain/discomfort. You may have to go to another dentist to get them fixed. Not to mention the time and opportunity loss if you keep dealing with the same dental problem. Your top concern in saving money is finding a quality dentist that cares about quality work.

Make sure your dentist uses the right material

It is not common knowledge to patient. For example, you are given options when it comes to choosing type of crowns or denture. Discuss with your dentist which material will suit you best and last longer. The cheaper may not always better. For example, monolithic zirconia crown at the back of the mouth can last longer compared to conventional porcelain fused to metal crown in heavy bruxers. Educate and advocate for yourself.

Wear night guard or retainer to protect your investment

It is very common for people to grind their teeth while sleeping. If you are prescribed with night guard, wear it while you sleep to protect your natural teeth or crown/bridge work. Grinding can wear teeth down or chip off porcelain in crowns. Fixing worn dentition is a major dental work and costs a bomb. If you are contact sport lover, consult your dentist to check whether you need a mouthguard to prevent dental injury. Patients who completed their orthodontic treatment (braces) or Invisalign are advised to wear their retainer at recommended schedule. Relapse can happen where aligned teeth have the tendency to return to their original position.

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