Post Extraction or Surgery Instructions

Post Extraction or Surgery Instructions

After tooth extraction, there are some important steps you need to follow for speedy recovery. If post operative care is not followed properly, it can delay the healing process and even cause further problems.

Wisdom tooth JB


The numbness from local anaesthesia will usually last 1 to 4 hours. Please do not bite the cheek, lips or tongue during this time. Hot food should be avoided after tooth extraction to prevent thermal injury.


Please bite with moderate pressure on the gauze for at least 30 minutes. Some occasional oozing (pink or blood tinged saliva) is common. Bite on the gauze given until oozing has stopped. If bleeding continues for more than 2 hours, please contact the clinic. If outside consultation hours, please call the clinic mobile number to reach us.

Pain after Tooth Extraction

To minimize discomfort, you are advised to take painkiller given before numbness wears off. If the pain is not relieved, please contact the clinic.

Post-op Care

Do not rinse vigorously or probe the extraction site with finger or foreign object. Avoid physical exercise and exertion during the day of tooth extraction. You may return to normal activities as tolerated on the next day.

Diet after Tooth Extraction

You can start eating after 1 hour. Soft diet is advisable for the first 24 hours. Avoid drinking through a straw and smoking as the suction might dislodge the blood clot which is vital in wound healing.


In some procedures, sutures (stitches) may be used. Your dentist will let you know if you will need to come back to remove the sutures after 1 week. Some sutures are resorbable and doesn’t require removal but a review appointment maybe still given to check the wound healing.

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