Denture Care and Maintenance

Denture Daily Care

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Millions of people improve their eating, speech and smile by wearing dentures. Now you have got your new denture fitted. It may take a little practice for your mouth, tongue and facial muscle to get use to it. Take it slowly and you will soon enjoy your new set of teeth. So what should you do to keep your dentures clean everyday?

Dentures can accumulate plaque, stain and calculus too, just like our natural teeth. If they are not cleaned properly, bacteria and fungi at the denture surface will trigger mucosa inflammation such as denture-induced stomatitis (persistent redness on denture bearing mucosa area).

Brushing and Soaking Your Denture

Brushing Denture

We advise you to rinse your dentures and brush with soft denture brush or toothbrush using a mild soap (Eg. hand soap or dishwashing liquid). Do not use regular toothpaste as this is too abrasive and may cause excessive wear to denture material.


Can I wear denture while sleeping? We do not recommend you to wear dentures during sleep. Denture should be soaked in plain water after cleaning at night to allow the bone and gum to relax from the pressure of denture during the day.

Denture Cleansing Tablet

In order to kill the microorganisms in the denture, you can disinfect the dentures using commercial denture cleaner available in tablet form. They are formulated to dissolve quickly in water and required only a few minutes of soaking to kill the odor causing bacteria and fungi.

Denture Adhesive

If you denture is loose, you may try using denture adhesive. It comes in a gel form and need to applied on clean denture fitting surface in small quantity to hold the denture firmly in place. The adhesive forms a seal between dentures and mucosa to prevent food particles stuck under the dentures. 


Please note that denture adhesive is a temporary solution. Ill-fitting dentures need to be relined or replaced. Wearing ill-fitting denture can lead to ulcer, bone loss and some pathology. If you are using denture adhesive, make sure you clean and remove all the adhesive residue on the denture before sleep.

How long denture can last

How long your dentures can last

Usually denture can last 5-7 years in average if proper denture care is taken. We recommend to get your dentures checked by our dentist if you have one of the following conditions to evaluate whether they need to be replaced. Our clinic is located at Mount Austin, Johor Bahru.


  • Denture induced stomatitis (redness on mucosa)
  • Ill-fitting denture and require denture adhesive more than once daily
  • Pain/discomfort when eating with denture
  • If there is a change in supporting teeth (Eg. Extraction)
  • If it has been more than 7 years since the denture was fabricated

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